Why Join the Tube Council

Web Site at www.tube.org

Gain global exposure and recognition through this web site dedicated to collapsible tubes. Tube Council members are listed in this searchable site under specific areas of expertise. This valuable industry resource provides information about tube manufacturers and suppliers, as well as information about industry trends and events.

Advertising Promotional Campaign: 

Tube Council members are promoted through relevant packaging industry media - putting the goals and objectives of the Council and its members in front of the industry.

Trade Shows: 

Tube Council members gain exposure at major trade shows on a regular basis, giving the organization's members the opportunity to interact with the packaging community.

Tube of the Year Competition: 

This annual competition honors and highlights innovative tubes and tube processes. Judging criteria includes consumer appeal, graphics, technical merit and more. Awards are presented in various categories, including the Ted Klein Tube of the Year award.

Annual Meeting: 

All Tube Council members are invited and encouraged to attend this annual interactive and informative event.

Peer Assistance: 

Take advantage of the Tube Council's network of tube industry executives if you have a question or need help with a process-specific problem.

Technical Seminars and Workshops: 

The latest technologies and opportunities in the squeeze tube industry will be the topics of seminars and workshops offered to members. Learn what is new and "hot," and participate in these training opportunities to learn and share experiences and information.